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Kudos to Dr. Ghanta and Staff


Every once in a while, it's nice to know you are doing something right.  Below is a letter from our patient, Randall S. Weeber, who gave us permission to share his experience. 

Thank you, Randall, for your kind words.


April 2, 2019

Dear Dr. Ghanta


Yesterday, I had a colonoscopy procedure with your amazing team, and I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone.  The team was: Tara, Chris, Amanda, Angela, Sarah and you.

With reservation, concern, embarrassment and trepidation, I arrived at the appointed time for my procedure.  The journey from that point forward should be in the journal of medicine for how to properly handle patients and complete a medical procedure, like a choreographed dance.  Every aspect of the experience was professional, efficient and comforting.

Check in was simple and fast, followed by only 8 minutes in the waiting room.  My Nurse, Angela, who was wearing a huge smile, escorted me to a locker to store my valuables and instructed me in dressing for the procedure.  She even pre-tied the gown for ease of dressing and asked what drink I may like upon the completion of the procedure.

Even the smallest details were not overlooked, like an overhead light was turned off while I was waiting for transport, so the light would not bother my eyes.  I was provided with a clean new bag to store my clothes which was tucked under the bed, where I was placed.

Angela even arranged a pillow to make sure that I was comfortable when I got into the bed.  Departure was smooth and simple, via exit from a rear door, avoiding the need to re-enter the waiting and reception areas of the facility.

Perhaps the most impressive element of this experience is your bedside manner.  Your calm and confident demeanor made me feel assured that I was in good hands.  When I expressed my thanks, and told you that so far this experience was amazing, you took NO credit and told me that your team was awesome and that I should share the news with them.

I want to thank your entire team and staff and especially you, Dr. Ghanta.  I intend to share my experience with all of my family and friends.  Please feel free to share my thoughts on social media, should you elect to do so.  Other patients should hear how seamless and easy you have made this procedure.



Randall S. Weeber



Honor Your Caregiver Award

Dr. Seth Rosenzweig and Dr. Nirav Shah were honored by Tower Health for their excellent patient care as recognized by a patient and her family.



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